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A Sample Membership Page.

There are many advantages to including a Membership page on your website. They provide you with a means to share premium content with subscribers without making it accesible to everyone.

They’re a great way of making a passive income, providing value to your customers and building brand loyalty. 

You can cultivate an online community where your members can interact with one another and discuss your product or service as well as giving them the chance to meet others with a common interest. 

Take a look at the example below, and if you would like to include a member’s area on your website you can let me know here.

  • Individual

  • 15

    • One Member
    • 1 Webinar a month
    • Support not included
  • Family

  • 25

    • Three Members
    • 3 Webinars a month
    • 5 Support requests a month
  • Family Plus

  • 30

    • Five members
    • Unlimited webinar access
    • Support 24/7