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You deserve to work with a Web Designer that knows you, your biz, and your morning coffee order

yep, I’m that attentive

Because the truth is, building & maintaining a high-functioning website isn’t easy

You could take the simple route and work with someone who cares all-about aesthetics. Because, yes, pretty can sell, but it’s not the way to maximise your potential. 

If you want a website that does the heavy lifting in your biz (visibility, lead gen & relationship building) and streamlines your systems (qualifying leads, serving clients, & identifying consumer habits) you need strategy & design.

Which happens to be exactly what I specialise in.

WordPress websites that simplify all the moving parts of your business

Like you, I dreamed of a life of freedom

Morning coffee under recently risen rays, midday coastal walks, and spur-of-the-moment vacations used to be a daydream. Surely, these things were reserved for influencers & celebrities?

My Monday morning was sitting in an office, hoping I’d be granted a quick coffee break and enough time to stretch my legs outside. 

Building a business was my ticket to a life I loved. But better than that, it meant equipping & empowering other women to achieve the same.

What my life looks like now?

Building professional & profitable websites with purpose to help you maximise your business potential and achieve your wildest dreams

More time exploring Menorca, the Mediterranean paradise I’ve called home since 11 years old. Booking my next flight to Thailand. Telling my cat how cute she is. Trying to perfect tofu crispy (one of life’s mysteries).

I’m a self-taught WordPress designer & developer (aka a website unicorn). Combining aesthetics with functionality, I help women around the world magnetise dream clients, build unforgettable brands, and have fun creating the life of their dreams. 

And every morning feels like hot sandy beaches & soothing ocean waves – pure magic.

I care about


The ability to live life on your terms


 Being proud to show up and serve as you


Whether it’s in life or business, I want you to feel excited about what’s next


 Websites aren’t one size fits all, creativity allows me to design & build a website that’s a true reflection of you & your brand

There’s power in your presence

I’m here to help you uncover it

You’re the busy business owner that can’t afford to keep showing up with a mediocre website, and I’m the woman that’s about to put that right

Ready to turn your audience from kinda curious to “where the hell do I sign up?!”